Blushin’ 😋

Dude- I saw the way you looked at each other. Is he your boyfriend??
Me- What?? No! That don’t mean nothing! I just looked at this guy the same way!!!
Dude- Yeah, but with this one you don’t mean it
Me- 😰😊
Dude- So is he your boyfriend??
Me- No.
Dude- Well, do you wanna get with him??
Me- No!
Dude- Why not?? He’s a good kid
Me- I know! 😊😆😍 But he’s just my friend! (😉)

This fuckin guy!!

Runnin, runnin! Trynna get away from lovin U’ 😝


♥ lesbian love ♥

Beautiful in Burberry!

- You can’t sit with us

Dont you think this outfit looks perfect when worn with a high bun?
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